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Keeping Time

Keeping Time is a 2019 project which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the unique story of the Capella del Barolo, a countryside chapel in the region of Le Langhe in Italy, painted by Sol LeWitt and David Tremlett in 1999. The exhibition and performance weekend took place in the Old Grapperia next to the chapel, and together with its associated double-vinyl record and publication looked at the musicality in LeWitt and Tremlett's work by delving into their own extensive music collections, and operated as a stepping stone for new work and investigations by a younger generation of artists. The artists involved are:

Tim Bowman
Ezio Bosso
Gavin Bryars
James Cave
Babatunde Doherty (Baba Ali)
Adam Gibbons
Philip Glass
Hiba Ismail
Chemutoi Ketienya with Kipsigis girls
Jason Moran
Lydia Ourahmane
Steve Reich
Caroline Shaw
Three older female singers
Keef Winter

The Keeping Time double-vinyl record and 32 page publication recounts the projects themes and includes program notes for each artist and track.

Keeping Time was a Ceretto project curated by Guy Robertson and Tony Tremlett, in partnership with the Mahler & LeWitt Studios.

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