Laure Genillard Gallery

Past Events

Professor Jo Melvin in conversation with artist Pauline Julier
April 2022

Exhibition: Wind Light Image

George Shaw in conversation with Jonathan Watkins
November 4th 2021


Sophy Rickett & Bettina von Zwehl in conversation with John Stezaker
July 8th 2021



Babatunde Doherty 'Hip-Hop Post-Mortem'
June 7th 2019, 7pm

As part of the exhibition ‘Out of Eye’ at Laure Genillard Gallery curated by Tony Tremlett, New York born artist and performer Babatunde Doherty (aka Baba Ali) presents a live performance of a 7-track EP titled "Hip-Hop, Post- Mortem”.

In protest against the expanding commercialisation of hip-hop culture, as well as the increasing shift of influence to regions outside of New York, Queensbridge rapper Nas provoked controversy in 2006 with his album "Hip Hop Is Dead".

In 2013, taking Nas' declaration of the death of hip-hop as a prompt, Doherty produced "Hip- Hop, Post-Mortem” with an early beat machine and a few additional effects. The seven compositions are the result of the artist aggressively manipulating some of the musical genre's most prominent voices to create new "zombie-fied" electronic soundscapes.

A discomforting nostalgia for hip-hop as street music is turned in non-representational music; a place of absolute, untainted sonic potential, in which brutal and alt-human sound cartoons are reawakened from another side. The soundscapes might be heard as the sonic counterpart to the Brian Gysin and William S. Burroughs cut-up, or Douglas Hofstadter’s ‘strange loops’, but ultimately they remain true to the pure manipulation of noise and discerned without reference to musical formalities of any kind.
In conjunction with the EP, Babatunde Doherty produced a series of giclée printed collages, titled "Rappensteins"—three of which will be on view during the performance.


Performance Schedule 1
Erik Satie Socrate (Part I)
John Cage Four Walls
Katherine MacRae voice
John Snijders piano
Saturday 15 Dec. 6–8pm

Performance Schedule 2
Tim Etchells, Work Files (LG)
Alvin Lucier, I am sitting in a room
Langham Research Centre
Saturday 26th Jan, 6-8pm



Exhibition Finissage and Performance by Tomoko Hojo I am listening to you

Friday 14 September 2018, 6pm - 8pm | Performance at 7pm

For the finissage event of our current exhibition Dialogues with A Collection Japanese artist Tomoko Hojo will perform I am listening to you based around an interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono made on 6 December 1980, two days before Lennon’s death.

Throughout the interview, although Lennon talks without interruption, Ono is often muted and accompanies his speech with laughter and what is referred to in Japanese society as ‘aizuchi’ – affirmations such as ’huh’ or ‘yeah’ which let the other speaker know they are actively listening. Although Ono seems to inhabit this specific behaviour, there is equally an absence, a meandering in a different time and place. Listening becomes the act of imagining unspoken words, and gradually shifts into a fluidity between listening and speaking.



Artist Talk: Graeme Todd in conversation with Scott McCracken

Friday 25 May | 5pm - 6pm

Graeme Todd will discuss his current exhibition at Laure Genillard Gallery with painter Scott McCracken (Turps Banana). The gallery will be open from 1pm to allow visitors to see the exhibition before the event starts at 5pm.



Talk: John Nixon and Barry Barker in conversation

Saturday 17 February | 4pm - 5pm

Click here for a pdf of the exhibition.

Join us for the finissage event for John Nixon's exhibition Various Paintings on Various Colours at the gallery on Friday 6 April, 6pm - 8pm.


Book Launch and Finissage: The Angels of Mumbai by Peter Wüthrich

Friday 2 February | 6pm - 8pm

Join us for the launch of Peter Wüthrich's new book The Angels of Mumbai and the finissage event of our current exhibition First Act: Smooth Operations at Laure Genillard Gallery on Friday 2 February.

The Angels of Mumbai is part of an ongoing photographic project, The Angels of the world, which started in Los Angeles in 2001, and realized till today in the following cities: Santiago de Compostela, Milano, Mexico City, Madrid, London, Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Paris, Venice, São Paulo, Santos, Thessaloniki, Biel/Bienne, Monaco and Mumbai.

The Angels of the World


Unfold: Performance Lecture with Grace Weir and Jo Melvin

Friday 13 October | Gallery opens at 6.30pm, performance Lecture 7pm - 7.45pm

Join us for a performance lecture by artist Grace Weir and curator Jo Melvin as part of our Weir's solo exhibition Unfolded at Laure Genillard Gallery.



The High Low Show: Artist Talks

Thursday 25 May, 6-8pm, talks from 7pm

Curator Paul Carey-Kent and the artists will be present to discuss the show, and from 7 pm each of the seven artists will take turns to talk informally about a subject related to their practice for 5 minutes.

Talk Summary by Paul Carey-Kent



JocJonJosch Performance

The next performance will take place on:

Friday 3 February 2017, 6.30pm - 8pm

The collective JocJonJosch have devised a new performance entitled Footfall, lending its name to the exhibition and thus defining its parameters. This will be the final of three performances of Footfall at Laure Genillard.

Curator Talk | 5.30pm

Foot-Kroku-Zvuk-Klingen-Fall curator Jo Melvin will be giving a talk at the gallery prior to the performance.

JocJonJosch, Minor Hell, 2016, Artists' hair and glass

JOCJONJOSCH | Foot-Kroku-Zvuk-Klingen-Fall


The Life and Works of Werner Schreib

Curator talk and screening with Rozemin Keshvani | Thursday 6th October | 7pm

Laure Genillard would like to invite you to a talk and film screening on German artist Werner Schreib, with AFTERSHOCK curator Rozemin Keshvani, to coincide with Freize London 2016 West End Night. 

Thursday 6th October 2016 at Laure Genillard | 2 Hanway Place | London W1T 1HB
From 7pm

Werner Schreib with Annea Lockwood AFTERSHOCK



Artist Talk | Friday 5th February | 7pm

As part of Gabriel Stones’ exhibition Dig yourself, Laure Genillard Gallery would like to invite you to an evening of notes, conversations and readings. The artist will be joined by artist and writer Kati Kärki and curator Lynton Talbot.

Friday 5th February at Laure Genillard | 2 Hanway Place | London W1T 1HB
From 7pm, readings at 7:20

Gabriel Stones Dig Yourself