Laure Genillard Gallery

Laure Genillard Gallery
A publication celebrating 28 years of gallery programme, 152 exhibitions and 278 artists.

With text by: Jo Melvin, Jonathan Watkins, Linda Rocco, and an interview between Laure and Maurizio Cattelan. The book includes photos of gallery friends and contributions by Stephen Willats, Grace Weir, Elisa Sighicelli, Peter Downsbrough, Olivier Mosser, Lesley Foxcroft, JocJonJosch, Peter Wutrich, Paul Carey-Kent and more.
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After 27 years of exhibitions, Laure Genillard has decided to close the gallery doors. We’re immensely grateful to all the artists and everyone who came and shared our enthusiasm for art. It has certainly been a rich and one of a kind experience.

We’re working on a publication retracing the gallery history with a book launch in the New Year. In the meantime, all our projects are archived on