Laure Genillard Gallery


17th October 2009 - 9th January 2010
PV Friday 16th October 2009, 6 – 10 PM

Continuing our theme of the small gesture in contemporary art, our Presque Rien III exhibition gathers the usual mix of paintings, sculptures, projections and installations developed through ideas such as abstraction, lightness/humour, erasure/displacement and an economy of means.

This time, however, an accent on ‘light’ is more prominent, visible in various mediums from projections to sculptures. Most works are defined by a sense of freedom at times seen with an ‘in your face’ simplicity – a recurrent aspect giving this ongoing series of exhibitions its distinct personality. Artists may appear as if poking fun at the art world but in reality the works are all engendered by a long process of thinking and usually offer several angles of viewing. They are not quite as simple as they seem.

Andrea Anastasio
David Batchelor
Matt Calderwood
Sebastian Diaz Morales
Gaylen Gerber
Matthew Harrison
Ane Mette Hol
Mikhail Karikis
Andrea Anastasio
David Batchelor
A Kassen
Tom Molloy
Brian O’Connell
João Onofre
Lisa Oppenheim
Uriel Orlow
Frédéric Pradeau
Troels Sandegård
Padraig Timoney
Peter Wüthrich Diaz Moralez, Molloy, A Kassen.jpg