Laure Genillard Gallery


Group show curated by CEDRIC CHRISTIE & GAVIN TURK

18th October 2008 - 10th January 2009
PV 17th October 2008, 6 – 10 PM

Continuing our theme of the small gesture in contemporary art, our Presque Rien II exhibition gathers the usual mix of paintings, sculptures, projections and installations chosen by two curators. Gavin Turk and Cedric Christie, artists and friends here share their views on contemporary trends such as reduction/abstraction, lightness/humour, erasure and displacement and an individualist economy of means.

Most works are characterized by a sense of freedom and a simplicity, resulting from a 50 years digestion of minimal and conceptual art.

The ‘in your face’ simplicity may appear like the artist is poking fun at the art world but the works are engendered by a long process of thinking and offers several angles of viewing. They are not quite as simple as they seem.

Larry Bell
Toby Christian
Susan Collis
Clem Crosby
Cedric Christie
Matthew Deleget
Sebastien Delire
Ceal Floyer
Sayshun Jay
Gerwald Rockenschaub
Rona Smith
John Tremblay
Gavin Turk

Impromptu sound performance by Andy Cox, Lance Martin and Dave Ross on the opening night.