Laure Genillard Gallery


30 June - 15 September 2018
Private view Friday 29 June, 6pm - 8pm

Finissage and performance by Tomoko Hojo
Friday 14 September, 6-8pm | Performance starts at 7pm

Dialogues with A Collection presents a stage of relationships between artists and the collection of Laure Genillard. Eleven artists have been invited to engage with different works from the collection with either a newly constructed or an existing work, creating a trail of impromptu correspondences across the gallery space.

The collection on display is symptomatic of the gallery’s thirty-year history and the artist-gallery kinships that ensued, along with other acquisitions independent of the gallery programme. Together the collection and their chosen correspondents represent the aesthetic and conceptual ethos of the Laure Genillard Gallery and readdress the desire to test art’s ability to be both communicative and autonomous.

Invited artists - Fiona Banner aka The Vanity Press | David Connearn | Lucy Heyward | Dean Hughes | Gerhard Lang | Isabelle Lartault | George Henry Longly | Sarah Staton | Name Surname | Gavin Turk | Grace Weir

From the collection - Sebastian Diaz Morales | Dean Hughes | Elisa Sighicelli | Martin Creed | Frank Heath | Peter Downsbrough | Syvie Fleury | Stephen Willats | David Connearn | Yoko Ono | Tomma Abts

Full Exhibition Text (PDF) List_LGLondon1.jpg List_LGLondon2.jpg List_LGLondon3.jpg