Laure Genillard Gallery

BLOW-UP I: Experiments in Photography
29 February - 18 April 2020

PV 28 February, 6-8pm

Lola Bunting | Richard Caldicott | Alessandro Cicoria | Chris Cornish | Sean Dower Chantal Faust | Felicity Hammond | Lucy Heyward | James Hoff | JocJonJosch Alix Marie |Elizabeth McAlpine | Brian O’Connell | Cornelia Parker | Grace Weir

The Laure Genillard gallery ( presents a group exhibition investigating wider understandings of the photographic medium, which in most cases preclude the use of the camera and challenge its traditional role of record-keeping.

Looking into alternative means to produce an image stemming from multiple techniques such as photograms, collages, scans and other experimental media, the exhibition aims at presenting an expanded view on contemporary photography - encompassing innovative processes as well as alternative digital interventions.

To ultimately redefine the capability of the medium to reinvent itself in a world saturated with visual imagery, BLOW-UP I: Experiments in Photography questions the artist’s agency behind the image, offering a glimpse into multiple methods of production: photographic filters applied to various supports such as film, paper, wood and plaster, manipulations techniques as well as gestural interventions.

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