Laure Genillard Gallery

PRESQUE RIEN I (Next To Nothing)

13th October – 22th December 2007
PV Friday 12th October 6 – 8 PM

This exhibition examines aspects in an artwork surrounding the idea of ‘the small gesture’, concealing a wider message. All works share an economy of means, they may appear ‘slight’ yet express complex ideas. They are ‘more then what they seem’ and range from pre-existing works by international artists to new works by a younger generation and site-specific installations.

David Allen
Fiona Banner
Patrick Bernier
Maurizio Cattelan
Martin Creed
Sylvie Fleury
Matt Harrisson
Dean Hughes
Tania Kovats
Mathieu Mercier
Brian O’Connell
Lisa Oppenhiem
Frédéric Pradeau
Giorgio Sadotti
Gary Woodley
Peter Wüthrich 02_47_52.jpg 02_47_08.jpg allen beatle sculpture.jpg release.jpg LIST 1:4.jpg LIST 2:4.jpg LIST 3:4.jpg LIST 4:4.jpg out Review.jpg REVIEW.jpg